“Too eager to help”


Let’s hope Watusi’s quick correction will keep him on Chief Stone’s good side …  he just might need the Chief’s help to get his watch back!

7 Comments to ““Too eager to help””

  1. Curiouser and Curiouser!


  2. I like the look of Delores! Something tells me she’s a spitfire!


    • Thanks! I was wanted to add a shorter character, and it was down to short spunky lady cop or round incompetent older guy. Panel two showed me I made the right call as to who would be accompanying Chief Stone to this crime scene!


  3. Panel 2 looks like a case of police brutality & animal cruelty all at the same time! Still, I guess Delores was just doing her job. I hope we find out soon who has the watch & why they wanted it. Enjoying the adventure, Dale!


    • “Police brutality & animal cruelty” … while this story will be exploring some of the darker corners of Wonder Valley, I didn’t expect those two subjects to be covered. Guess I was wrong!


  4. i agree with mr. tom c…..delores looks like trouble. hey dale, thanks for all the mail you sent my way! tell watusi i said happy new year!….billy


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