“Smells like a clue to me!”

strip254Same thing with drawing that chain link fence! Thanks for all your comments and suggestions last time around!


7 Comments to ““Smells like a clue to me!””

  1. Ruff ruff bark!


  2. Don’t feel bad, Dale. At least it isn’t another one of those comics where the animals read each other’s thought balloons like some sort of odd telepathy.


    • I love to indulge in the (over)use of footnotes. It’s such a “comic book”-y element that I love to include them when I can, and these last two strips were perfect opportunities to do so!


  3. Okay, I’m all caught-up now! Really like how this is moving along, Dale!


    • Thanks; I think the pace has picked up nicely, and the next section looks to be pretty tight (with some actual conflict in store)…


  4. Lost and found in translation!


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