“Good thinking”


Happy Anniversary, Watusi! The first episode in this webcomic series appeared five years ago today, and whether you’re new to this comic or have been following it the whole time, I thank you for taking time out of your week to follow it!

And for those of you looking for still more Watusi, you might be interested in this

7 Comments to ““Good thinking””

  1. A list: 1. Genetically altered banana trees pollinated by nanobots? Didn’t Bugs Meany use that as an alibi in an Encyclopedia Brown mystery? 2. No matter how much he likes Watusi, I think we all know that Prof. Harvey will side with Mitchell. 3. Is that mark under Watusi’s eye in the fourth panel a sign of embarrassment or the beginning of a shiner that Mitchell planted on him? 4. Happy Anniversary, Watusi and Dale!


    • 1. What a memory! “The case of the rotten bananas” was one of my favorites! 2. Even more so, if he ever noticed how often Mitchell has saved him from a disaster of his own making! 3. It’s embarrassment … tho now I wish it had been a shiner! 4. Thanks!


  2. Wow! Has it really been 5 years already?! Man it’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun reading an awesome comic strip! Looking forward to the next 5 years & beyond! Congrats on the milestone Dale!


    • Thanks! I found it hard to believe it’s been five years of weekly strips, too … though I guess I do have 6 completed storylines and the equivalent of about 15 issues to show for it. Now I just need to make time to get them into print…


  3. The nose KNOWS, Watusi! Put hurt feelings behind and put your nose to good use! That will be how you find your thief!!

    Great panels, Dale. And Happy Fifth!!


  4. poor watusi. now who’s he going to pin this on? he must be going bananas!!!…….b


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