“Time passages”

strip266Let’s hope hounding the police doesn’t come back to bite you in the end, Watusi!

6 Comments to ““Time passages””

  1. Nice to see Mystery Mutt is still in business even though Watusi probably still thinks he’s dreaming his adventures! And it looks like Chief Stone doesn’t mind a vigilante flying around his town, but I guess with a place like Wonder Valley that’s practically a given. So when is Mystery Mutt teaming up with The Human Spring?


    • Not any time soon … though if I ever manage to get my Human Spring comic off the ground, I’d love to do a Watusi/HS crossover in both strips!


  2. wow! 6 panels of detail! go dale go! watusi will find what he’s after! he’s a “WATCH DOG” after all!!!…..b


  3. Glad you liked it– I was pretty pleased with how this turned out, but it was hard work! Good thing I’ll be getting back to talking heads soon to help keep me on track…


  4. Yeah, six panels seemed odd to me. Are you planning on dropping two of them for the print version?


    • No, actually the print version (the fabled, long-in-the-future print version, at the pace I’m working) will have 3-tier pages. I’ll add scenes here and there, but largely I’ll just end up with page breaks different than the breaks between weekly strips…


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