“Table talk”


Hmmm… Emma might be on to more than she realizes!

A little behind the scenes fact about this episode: the first two panels were originally meant to be the last two panels of last week’s strip (I think it made a better ending than beginning, though it works okay here, too), but time ran short on my deadline. The project that was making me run behind on the strip is now finished, and you can read all about it here.

4 Comments to ““Table talk””

  1. I dig that fifth panel, Dale!


    • Thanks! I think it helped break up the monotony of people sitting around a table…

      Say … maybe I just discovered a way to draw this comic faster!


  2. Another great strip. I like the symmetry of both Watusi and the chief having smoke (literally) coming out their ears. The 5th panel was an interesting change of pace. The word balloon for the chief in the last panel was also a neat touch – a visual clue to how the dialogue should sound if read aloud.


    • Glad you liked this strip, Ivan; I was pretty happy with it, too. The “steaming mad” smoke was a visual trick I rediscovered while I was checking over the “Isla Esmerelda” strips to make sure my recent reloaded .jpgs are all in the right spot. I dont’ often reread my past work, and it’s been an interesting experience. For instance, I thought the “Isla Esmerelda” strips were a lot more detailed than my more recent episodes, but then the “Sourpuss” strips looked just as fleshed out, too. Maybe I’m just hardest on the work that’s on the drawing table in front of me…


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