“Only one way to find out…”


This story caught my fancy today … maybe Watusi finding an antique pocket watch isn’t so unbelievable after all!

8 Comments to ““Only one way to find out…””

  1. So it looks like Emma will be serving as Watusi’s sidekick for this adventure! Let’s hope she can offer a new perspective to the case!


  2. Does Emma often transform into a Hindu goddess?


  3. “be sure to leave your phone on”….remember when we were kids?…we would just ride our bikes into the distance with no phone around for 100 miles!…watusi you’re making me feel old!!!……billy


    • I was trying to get that “kids are safe to run around the neighborhood” vibe like in the children’s books and comics I grew up with, but with a little nod to more modern times. Plus, I plan for Emma to use that phone of hers at some point…


  4. Liked the class ring story, will the watch have a happy ending too?


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