“Collect them all”


Hmmm … so Watusi’s watch wasn’t a one-of-a-kind timepiece…

6 Comments to ““Collect them all””

  1. Looks like Mr. Amis has a lot of cool collections, but not what Watusi’s looking for.


  2. So collecting used pipes is bad, but collecting used bones is good? Oh, Watusi, you live in a glass doghouse!


    • Well, at least the bones in Watusi’s bone cellar (as seen in Watusi #8), are aged to perfection for blissful enjoyment … unlike MacArthur’s smelly old corncob pipe!


  3. hmmmm. looks like the watches are NFS (nor for sale) they must be for display only. they must be near and dear to the owners heart. watusi’s on to something! just like always…time and time again. (pun intended)….billy


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