“What could have been”


Almost makes you feel sorry for the guy, doesn’t it?


6 thoughts on ““What could have been”

  1. He definitely has a point there. And Watusi could have come by to see it whenever he wanted. Still, he’s got a smugness…LOL


  2. I think the execution of the hand is a bit odd, but I really like the design of the 2nd and 3rd panels with the dialogue flow working perfectly for it. Watusi’s line in panel one, though, gets a little lost in the background because all the other speech has so much white space.


    1. Yeah, I agree with you about the hand in the 2nd panel. I was happy with the idea between the middle two panels talking to each other, even if the execution could use some more finesse…

      Thanks for pointing out the way Watusi’s word bubble gets lost in panel 1, too. I like to use balloonless dialog from time to time, especially if two bubbles make the panel seem too cramped. But with the background, this wasn’t the best place for it, I guess…


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