“Free and open to (almost) all”


Let’s hope there’s a reason for such rough treatment! Or maybe Watusi just doesn’t have any friends left in Wonder Valley…


14 thoughts on ““Free and open to (almost) all”

  1. Oh no, how is Watusi going to surf the internet & borrow DVDs?! That is what the library is for right? Watusi always has an open invitation from me to move to Boogieland. Everyone is friendly in Boogieland. Of course, it does tend to get attacked by bad guys a lot lately. I wonder if Mr. Amis collects all the watches if he will be able to go back in time somehow. That would be super cool! Don’t stop crankin’ out the cool comics, Dale!


    1. Man, that’s a twist I hadn’t thought about! I think it’s a little soon for another time travel story; I do have one on the back burner, but it needs to simmer a while longer.

      We’ll have to try and get Watusi to visit Boogieland one of these days. Maybe when he gets run out of Wonder Valley (which doesn’t seem so farfetched these days, does it?)…


  2. Wow! Now that’s harsh treatment! That thump could lead to a concussion! Watusi may have a potential lawsuit on his paws. I hope that’s not how things are run at your library, Dale!


    1. Hmmm… hope that concussion didn’t knock all the legal know-how out of his head! Maybe he can find a more direct route to what he wants, though…

      As for my library, we do have security, but we don’t have bouncers. Of course maybe Watusi is just a worse patron than we get there…


  3. maybe watusi was barking in there when people were trying to read? you know how fussy those librarians can get when people make noise….billy


    1. Thanks, Tom – I love to include narration when I can. That’s one of the things I miss in a lot of newly-published comics…


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