“If you were a cat, you’d get eight more chances”

strip282Looks like Emma’s done just shadowing Watusi!


11 thoughts on ““If you were a cat, you’d get eight more chances”

    1. Glad you liked it– tried to find the worst thing he could do, and destroying archival newspapers sounded pretty good! Plus, alluding to it off panel suited this strip’s sensibilities well …


    1. Sounds like I need to watch that movie again! It’s been a long time; wonder how it’s held up over the years?


  1. Doesn’t that librarian know by banning Watusi from the library, he’s basically banning himself from appearing in Watusi’s comics? Now that’s a dire fate his Cosby sweater will not sheild him from!


      1. The same way I missed it when I read your comment the first time through! It happens…

        And I wouldn’t be surprised to see the librarian in this strip again sometime … Watusi’s not one to let a little ban get in his way, after all!


    1. Glad you caught that – it’s a fun treatment I’ve used a couple of times in the past when Watusi really wants something…


  2. aha! emma is back! maybe she should make watusi pull her on her skateboard around town in exchange for her help. you know, sort of her “private horse and buggy”?…could she be that cruel though?. i wonder……billy


    1. Unlike the librarian, I don’t think Emma’s the kind to hold a grudge, Especially when it looks like she’s on the verge of getting what she wants!


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