“A friend in deed”

strip283Enjoy your well-deserved nap, Watusi! You’ll need the rest for what’s yet to come…


10 thoughts on ““A friend in deed”

  1. I know exactly how Watusi feels in panel 4. Looks like he’s making good use of his time to me! I wonder if Watusi will end up having a dream w/in a dream. Can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks Dale!


    1. I might end up with a story within a story this story (which I guess would make it a story within a story within a story), but this dream should be pretty succinct. Unless Emma is a slow researcher…


  2. i like how watusi is shaking his paw in the last panel. i think he wants to give mr. amis a knuckle sandwich! and how about the video commercial on dale’s page here. anyone watch it? jeff goldblum is crazy!…..b


    1. Yeah, Watusi is definitely dreaming some revenge!

      As for the commercial, I need me a hot tub/music room! (Sometimes I can see ads on this page, sometimes I can’t. It depends on your ISP as much as anything, I think…)


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