“The glory days of rail travel revisited”


Hmm.. that flood must have been after the dirigible mast burned down, but before the highway came to town…


8 Comments to ““The glory days of rail travel revisited””

  1. Before or after the secret submarine base was installed?


    • Thanks, that’s where a little bit of research paid off– I was initially going to draw it like the current bridge, but looking at those glorious trestles of old, I couldn’t resist! And I think it works better to give a period feel, too!


  2. Wow! Some Wonder Valley history! You’re packing a lot of goodies in this storyline, Dale! Keep up the great work!


    • Glad to hear it! This storyline hasn’t turned out to be the concise “whodunnit” I set out to write, but I’ve enjoyed the chance to flesh out the cast and setting a little more…


  3. Getting in some history too! Very cool~


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