“Caught up to speed”

strip290Looks like there’s a tough conversation on the horizon; hopefully Watusi can bring more tact to this one than he has to every other confrontation in this storyline!

As Thanksgiving rolls around again, I want to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all my readers– I know this storyline is taking a longer time to reach a conclusion than I’d initially planned for it, but I’m honestly thankful for the time you take to check in on Watusi’s adventures every week. I hope it brings you each a dose of enjoyment!


3 thoughts on ““Caught up to speed”

  1. Poor Watusi. This case may cost him another friend. Did that ever happen to Sherlock Holmes? (Of course, Holmes’s only friend was Dr. Watson so perhaps the answer to that question is moot. Maybe I should have used Miss Marple as a better example. Oh, well!). Happy Thanksgiving, Dale!


  2. I don’t know Marple that well, so Holmes might be a good object lesson…

    Maybe not everyone will be as unforgiving as Mr. Amis or the Professor were, though…


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