“Come into my parlor”


Somehow, I don’t think Missus Moses would be as welcoming if she had any inkling of why Watusi is there to pay a visit!


12 thoughts on ““Come into my parlor”

  1. I’ve figured it all out! That’s not the real Missus Moses! It’s an evil clone cyborg Missus Moses who needed the watch as the final piece of the time machine she is building to go back in time & take over a younger, simpler & more defenseless world! Should have seen that coming all along! Well, that’s how I would have written it anyway! Can’t wait to see if I’m right! Thanks for great comic strips each week, Dale!


    1. If I ever need a guest writer, I know who to turn to– this long storyline would definitely get wrapped up quick!


    1. I never thought about making her a pet lover. I don’t quite see her as “crazy cat lady”, and a cat would have introduced unneeded animal conflict, but if she was a dog lover, I could definitely see her preferring poodles, though…


    1. Thanks! I’m really trying to give a little more flavor of the locale in this story, and these big intro panels really help set the stage for the scene … and hopefully give some sense of the character, too!


  2. missus moses strikes me as an old gal from the south. what with offering up the lemonades and such. everyone should have lemonade on hand for guests. nice details dale!….billy PS. maybe she has the watch hidden up in her hair bun? seems like the right size!…b


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