“Putting his paw in his mouth”


It looks like Watusi’s only half as clever as he thought. If that.

8 Comments to ““Putting his paw in his mouth””

  1. Well, Dale, if he keeps messing up like this, at least he’ll have plenty of New Year’s Resolutions to pick from! Hope he finds that watch soon! Maybe he’ll get it as a Hanukkah present!


    • Well, sooner or later he’s bound to be right! Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to accuse everybody in Wonder Valley before he is…


  2. Maybe he should change his name to Wa-OOPSIE!


  3. i’m thinking we should all pitch in and get watusi a cheap digital watch from wallmart for christmas…that way, no one would steal it!!!…..billy


  4. Oh, Watusi! Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a talking dog!


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