“Those were the days … “


Finally, some inside info from a reliable source! This will help Watusi solve this mystery!

That’s right– Watusi’s quest to solve this mystery will end this year, along with at least two (count ’em: 2!) new digest comics! Hope you’ll stick around for the fun!

6 Comments to ““Those were the days … “”

  1. oh man! vivi looks like a wild floozy! smoking, holding a bottle of liquor, and making goggly eyes with squiggy from Laverne & Shirley! And check it out!…Squiggy is coppin’ a feel at vivi’s back end!!! WOW! watusi’s story’s getting CRAZY!
    LOVE IT!!!….b


  2. Yep, Wonder Valley isn’t all talking dogs and cheerful kids!


  3. And how much research did you have to do to get the costuming period?


  4. Looking forward to everything! I also like the way the younger Missus Moses is narrating in the fourth panel. It’s a nice touch!


    • Thanks– I wanted to try something a little different with my flashback narration this time. I think I’ve seen something similar in a movie (“The Grand Budapest Hotel” maybe? I forget), and wondered if it would work in comics, too. I think it did…


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