“And don’t call me– no, wait … that’s okay”


Next: Watusi stirs up more trouble.


8 Comments to ““And don’t call me– no, wait … that’s okay””

  1. Wait a minute! Curly blonde hair, pointy chin?? Could he be related to…? No, he doesn’t have the nose. Nevermind.


  2. Cellphone collar. Perfect!


    • Yeah, I’m just throwing some things out there in case I need them for the finale (like next week’s strip). Not sure how important they’ll be, but they are elements that I can make use of.

      And I like the idea that his cellphone collar isn’t his default collar, so it doesn’t become a crutch I can rely on when he gets in trouble. It would have ruined the element of suspense in the “Isla Esmerelda” storyline, for instance…


  3. i think watusi had a few extra dog bones recently. his mid section looks a bit plump!…..b


  4. Cellphone collar? The next thing you know he’ll be preferring ibones!


  5. (rimshot)


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