“D means drive!”


Sounds like Watusi would like his driver to be a little less chatty! Guess he senses he’s closing in on the end of this mystery ….


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6 Comments to ““D means drive!””

  1. What a fat W!


    • You only have yourself (and maybe the thickness of my pen line) to blame for that, Keith– your comment last week made me design a special phone collar for him, but I refused to just make it a black slab of glass!
      And now I’ve got the excuse to build up a whole specialized collection of utility collars for him, just like 1950’s Batman’s specialized costumes…


  2. i wonder if watusi needs to be buckled in a kids seat? or if a regular seat belt will work for him?…..b


  3. It’s nice to see that the Wonder Valley PD supports private investigators. Jim Rockford would be pleased!


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