“I think this makes it unanimous”


Let’s hope that finally disabuses Watusi of that notion once and for all!

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6 Comments to ““I think this makes it unanimous””

  1. It’s always difficult for me to draw my characters sitting around and talking so I appreciate how you can successfully accomplish this and keep things interesting in tone and layout. I always love your silhouette panels and panel four is no exception. And the Bea Arthur vibe continues with Vivian especially in panel three. Maybe there is a Golden Girls comic book in your future, Dale! Thank you for being a friend!


    • I have trouble with table-talky scenes, too. At least here it gives me the advantage of getting Watusi closer to eye level with the other characters!
      A Golden Girls comic isn’t the outcome I would have thought this storyline would lead to! Encyclopedia Brown, maybe …


  2. quite a nice array of snacks at the table. this old gal knows how to entertain!!…..billy


  3. Really enjoy how you draw “Vivi”.


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