“Watusi explains it all”

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Finally! This should get to the bottom of things!

By the way, this month is a bit of an anniversary of sorts for Watusi; find out more on my Smeary Soapbox Press-ents blog.


10 thoughts on ““Watusi explains it all”

  1. And, of course, “Here’s what happened…” was always how Adrian Monk on the USA-TV show “Monk” led off his explanation of the solution at the end of each episode.


    1. I always liked that bit with the character, too. I think I have a twist on it coming up for you, though…


    2. I forgot to mention – nice effect on Mr. Amis’s drumming of his fingertips against each other. Very C. Montgomery Burns-like.


    1. Guess we’ll just have to see what the reaction to the rest of his explanation is. Fortunately, it’s coming soon…


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