“Doing whatever it takes”

"Doing whatever it takes"

It looks like Watusi is determined to whatever he can to make amends for his … misunderstanding with the Professor and Mitchell! More to come…


4 thoughts on ““Doing whatever it takes”

  1. I love Ralphie’s! That’s a fine looking supermarket, sir! You’ve really making Wonder Valley an attractive place with the homes and businesses you have designed in the last few years. You’re giving character to the Valley and thus making it a character we care about as well! (Does that make sense? If not, ignore! I might be babbling). Keep fleshing out the landmarks of Wonder Valley and it may inspire me to do the same with Waffleville! (Why do I fear drawing buildings? And cars? And interiors? Yes, I be a cowardly cartoonist!).


  2. Thanks for the kind words! I’ve enjoyed fleshing out Watusi’s setting more over the last few years, and I’m glad the effort is appreciated. Someday I’ll even finish the “Visitor’s guide to Wonder Valley” I have planned, but I’m finding it better to tackle locations as they have a story need rather than drawing them for the sake of filling in a map. For instance, what’s the hospital look like? Who knows…

    And I don’t think the lack of such a detailed environment is “cowardly”– I’ve always liked how you can set the stage (whether it’s a fast food joint or the site of one of Arlo’s failed dates) without a lot of unnecessary detail!


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