“In you go!”


Maybe Watusi should be worried … the Professor seems a little too excited about this test!


4 thoughts on ““In you go!”

  1. No weights to counter Watusi’s natural buoyancy? And I hope there is either no need to use that glass shattering device or else that there is good drainage in that spot.


    1. Wow, it’s a good thing I’m not a scientist (or an escape artist)– I can’t be bothered with such logical preparation!


  2. Love that giant panel with the water tank! You can practically sense the spirit of Harry Houdini hovering around it! Great facial expression and body language with Mitchell, too! Although I don’t think the little guy needs to be that close to an ax that size especially with Watusi around! I also enjoy the font used for the “Splash”.Excellente!


    1. Thanks! I’m giving myself a little more breathing room with the art in this story, and I’m really enjoying how it’s going. Sometimes I think I go so far with Mitchell that he comes across as EVIL– but we’ll get to see a sweeter side of him if this story develops like I plan…


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