“All-new! All-Victorian!”


I’ve got a different kind of Watusi adventure for you, starting today! Hopefully it will take your mind off the terrible events in Wonder Valley…


8 Comments to ““All-new! All-Victorian!””

  1. LOVE the title panel!


  2. Wow! The layout for this Victorian-themed Watusi looks great! I have a feeling that my British side is really going to enjoy this Victorian version! The monocle on Watusi is a great touch. And is that an MBE medal he’s wearing rather than the usual “W” dog-tag?


    • Or your British side will poke holes into my not-quite-historically-accurate version of Victorian London! Such as my inability to correctly give this Watusi a proper “Most Honourable Order of the Bath” medal (presented, no doubt, when he was in need of one)…


  3. Thank goodness Whifflebottom Manor has squirrels! I love ye olde London panorama.


    • It won’t have squirrels for long! Their reign of terror is coming to an end!

      Unless a greater challenge arises, of course…


  4. Smashing good show, old chap! Jolly good actually!


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