“A midnight sighting”


Oh, Percy, when will you listen? If only this Watusi was a talking dog…


3 thoughts on ““A midnight sighting”

  1. Keith, well obviously, the submersible’s underwater power is generated by another source…likely some magical crystal from the heart of the African Congo. As the submarine surfaces, the furnaces are stoked with coal (or wood on a more environmentally-friendly villain’s airship/submarine). This creates the heat for the hot air balloon features of the vehicle, allowing it to take to the air. The crew is WELL-trained to make the conversion from submersible to airship in only moments. Any evil genius worth his salt attracts only the best followers to crew his machines of destruction!


    1. Er, um … yes. Exactly what I was thinking.

      And honestly, I’d trust anything Dano has to say about Victorian England!


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