“Shades of sadness”


When, oh, when will I stop trying to manipulate your heartstrings? Would you believe next episode?

By the way, this is the first time I’ve actually drawn Kirby’s dad, even though he was mentioned in Kirby’s first co-starring role, the 24-hour comic that was published as Watusi #6, way back in 2003!


6 thoughts on ““Shades of sadness”

  1. Despite Watusi’s death, apparently somebody is tending to his lawn care because it looks impeccable! Also who is that shaggy haired kid with Emma and Chuck? Never seen him before!


    1. That’s Chester. I designed him to be interesting to see from the front, but if I thought the side view was tough, back view is even harder! Next time he appears, he should be more recognizable…


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