Wait, is TODAY Wednesday?!?

oops062916It’s with a fair amount of regret that I have to admit I’m going to miss today’s deadline. It’s the first time since I started this strip over seven years ago that I’m not able to give you a new Watusi comic for your Wednesday, and I hope it won’t discourage you from returning for more comics next week. It’s not going to discourage me from continuing to share Watusi’s adventures, especially with what I have in store in the weeks to come!

I’ve been cutting things closer to the wire than I like lately, and now I’m paying the price for it. A sudden, unexpected occurrence has kept me out of the studio for the last few days, and, with any luck, that particular deadline buster won’t happen to me again!

5 Comments to “Wait, is TODAY Wednesday?!?”

  1. i see watusi blushing and saying “oops…” this counts as a comic!!! 😛


  2. Well, now I’ve got an extra week to get caught up on reading the strips. I find that I end up reading 3 or 4 at a time, usually going back far enough to start by re-reading the last strip I had previously read.

    The cameos have been nice, and I’m glad you’re pointing them out in the comments, because otherwise I’m sure there are some that I would miss, or not know for sure who they are.

    I’m wondering if Watusi will show up for the reading of the will, or not until after everything has been doled out. Perhaps the future Watusi will come back instead of the current Watusi? I remain confident that, one way or another, some version of Watusi will be back before too long. It’ll be interesting to see what Emmet has to say. While he may not be a huge fan of Watusi’s, I see him as a straight shooter who won’t avoid any unpleasant truths, so I have a feeling his comments will, ultimately, be mostly favorable toward the dearly departed dog.


    • I’m glad you’ve had the chance to play catch up! A lot of times that may be a better way to read the strip, especially for longer scenes like this memorial. I’ve been trying to plot in 12-episode increments lately (that would fill a single issue of the Watusi comic), so sometimes a single scene will stretch on for a few weeks.

      Glad you are enjoying the cameos. Hopefully they will direct readers to try cartoonists and comics they may be unfamiliar with. We still have a few more to come, too…

      I like your impression of Emmett; that’s pretty much how I see him, too.


  3. Nothing to be ashamed of, Dale! It happens to all cartoonists eventually! Your excellent track record speaks for itself! Looking forward to what comes next!


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