“The hard truth”


Well, yeah, Watusi had his bad points, but come on! Let’s hope Emmet has something better to say about Watusi in the next episode!

Another batch of guest stars made the trip to my comic for Watusi’s memorial: special thanks to Matt Levin (best known for his Walking Man rubber stamp comics; Matt was also a Dime Bag Comics contributor), Drew Boynton (creator of fun Doggie & Jilly comics; Drew was also in APA-5 with me), and Matt Feazell (creator of the Amazing Cynicalman, among other stick figure masterpieces) for classing up this episode! If you’re not already familiar with their work, there’s no time like the present…


4 thoughts on ““The hard truth”

  1. Knowing how much you like the Sponge Bob comics, and Futurama, I’m wondering if we’ll see any of those folks (or Matt Groening maybe)?

    Cynical man’s “get well soon” card was a neat touch, even if it might be a bit late … or maybe early, if Watusi shows up.

    I also have a feeling Emmet is about to say something nice about Watusi.


    1. I wanted the cameos to be drawn by the creators (although I never thought to solicit Matt Groening!). Somehow me drawing other peoples’ characters just didn’t seem right for what I was after with this sequence. Plus, I had plenty of cameos from characters in past Watusi comics to draw already!


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