“Tripped up!”


“What have I done?!?” Looks like you’ve put paw in mouth again, Watusi– and to the last dog who could listen to you, too!

If you’re in Midtown Memphis next Saturday (Sept. 10th), stop by my table at the Mid-South Book Festival and say “hi”– I’ll have brand new Watusi issues, as well as some nifty new prints as part of my “Watusi and the Emerald Serpent” promotional tour! Can’t make it next weekend, don’t worry; more dates to come…


3 thoughts on ““Tripped up!”

  1. Well, dog gone! A Watusi that actually likes Mitchell? Who knew?

    Hope you have a great show, Dale! I’m excited for you and your promotional tour! Hope you sell a lot of books and prints and make more fans in the process!


  2. “Dog gone”, indeed! The first stop on my “Emerald Serpent” tour went pretty well … but I’m happy the rest of the stops are indoors!


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