It’s good to see that Professor Harvey’s life has moments of respite from his research into the cause of Watusi’s demise!

A big thank you to everyone who stopped and chatted with me during last Saturday’s Mid-South Book Festival! If your first taste of Watusi has encouraged you to check out more, welcome! Feel free to browse the archives– a lot has happened since the “Emerald Serpent” storyline!

4 Comments to ““Ruminations””

  1. Dale, can you point me to Watusi #6 so I can catch up on the feud with Mitchell? Thanks!


  2. Thanks for asking! Watusi #6 isn’t an issue that has been digitized, but the print edition is available for mail order. Just click the “Shop SSP” tab at the top of the page for details! (And I’ll try to bring copies to my Lawrence book signing, too…)


  3. Some deep thoughts from an intangible dog!


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