“The dream of Mitchell”



… although maybe “nightmare” is more appropriate …

A big thank you to everyone who stopped and chatted with me during last weekend’s Memphis Comic Expo (check out these great photos from the con by my table neighbor Brandt Hardin)! If your first taste of Watusi has encouraged you to check out more, welcome! Feel free to browse the archives– a lot has happened since the “Emerald Serpent” storyline!


5 Comments to ““The dream of Mitchell””

  1. Poor Mitchell! I’ve always liked that little guy…even if Watusi doesn’t.


    • You’re not alone! I wish it was easier for me to write a comic with a lead who can’t speak. Guess I need to work on that…


  2. Is it just me or is Mitchell doing the Snoopy dance?


    • You’re right on the money! Even though Mitchell isn’t built as low to the ground as Snoopy, I thought a little Schulz homage would be the perfect way to convey “dance”…


  3. oh yeah! that was the snoopy dance! evil mitchell!


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