“I guess you really did miss me!”

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That may be the last time anyone throws a party for Watusi! Or at least buys a cake for one…


9 thoughts on ““I guess you really did miss me!”

  1. Hey! Really love the color! The first thought I had when I saw the coloring was of my beloved Archie comics from childhood. A well-deserved party for Watusi!


    1. Thanks, it was fun to do. “Cheated” a bit by leaving white as a color– which I hadn’t planned to do– but kind of liked it once I saw my goof…


  2. this is amazing. totally reminds me of reading the sunday funnies in the newspaper. total retro feel and awesome story/art!


    1. So glad you like it– that was exactly the feel I’m going after with these strips! A batch of “dailies” with a periodic “Sunday” strip…


  3. I really liked the use of color. I think the “faded newsprint” border color really added a nice effect to this. After reading your comment above about the white being a goof, I looked for any white spots that looked like they should have been in color, and the only thing I can think of is (maybe) Emmet’s beard could have been gray – I thought all the other white things looked appropriate as white.


    1. Yeah, except they should have been the newsprint color– nothing would be whiter than the ground it was printed on! Fortunately, I’ve got another “Sunday” in this storyline, so I’ll have a chance to redeem myself! Unless I forget again…


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