“I guess you really did miss me!”


That may be the last time anyone throws a party for Watusi! Or at least buys a cake for one…

9 Comments to ““I guess you really did miss me!””

  1. Let them eat cake, if there’s any left.

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  2. Glad to see Watusi’s appetite didn’t suffer while in “ghostville”!


  3. Hey! Really love the color! The first thought I had when I saw the coloring was of my beloved Archie comics from childhood. A well-deserved party for Watusi!


    • Thanks, it was fun to do. “Cheated” a bit by leaving white as a color– which I hadn’t planned to do– but kind of liked it once I saw my goof…


  4. this is amazing. totally reminds me of reading the sunday funnies in the newspaper. total retro feel and awesome story/art!


    • So glad you like it– that was exactly the feel I’m going after with these strips! A batch of “dailies” with a periodic “Sunday” strip…


  5. I really liked the use of color. I think the “faded newsprint” border color really added a nice effect to this. After reading your comment above about the white being a goof, I looked for any white spots that looked like they should have been in color, and the only thing I can think of is (maybe) Emmet’s beard could have been gray – I thought all the other white things looked appropriate as white.


    • Yeah, except they should have been the newsprint color– nothing would be whiter than the ground it was printed on! Fortunately, I’ve got another “Sunday” in this storyline, so I’ll have a chance to redeem myself! Unless I forget again…


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