“Hold on a second!”

And, we’re off!

Settling on the visual look for a long storyline is always a little daunting, since it means I’ll need to stick to it (more or less) for a year or two until it reaches its end. Let me know what you think about this look…


11 thoughts on ““Hold on a second!”

    1. Thanks! I think Minerva will make a good companion for Watusi (maybe even as good as Emmett was). In fact, I’m going to have to be careful this story doesn’t become a Minerva comic…


  1. An interesting start for the style, though I think the typeset is too large a font compared to the balloon lettering. Are you using Coptic markers for the grays?


    1. Thanks for the comment! Most of my typeset lettering won’t be that large, but I’m looking at book design, and I want the chapter headers to be very evident. So look forward to more illustrated capitals!

      For my tones I’m using the much more affordable Tombow dual brush markers. I’ve been pretty happy with them, and they come in a great range of colors!


  2. I like the new look! The “splotchiness” of the grays really adds texture to the scene. And, is it just me? Or are the blacks blacker? More solid and full? Looks great. Really looking forward to a story line set in Oz. And with Watusi along, what could possibly go wrong? šŸ™‚


    1. Glad it’s sitting well with you; I wanted a rough water colored texture, and “splotchy” describes it as well as anything! As for the black areas, maybe they look richer since there’s more than just white for them to play against. Or you upgraded to a new monitor…

      I’m looking forward to what Oz has in store for our quartet, too. Though they might not…


    1. Markers– I’m going for a water colored look, but these are a much tidier (and faster) way for me to accomplish that…


  3. clean and fresh! looks like a rainbow dress to me even though it’s b&w….rainbows and oz go hand in hand i would say!….b


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