“Say it three times fast”

It’s a good job if you can get it.


5 Comments to ““Say it three times fast””

  1. I’m loving it! I like the black and white. Are you going to color when they get to OZ?


    • Glad you’re enjoying! My plan is not to go FULL-color, but to stick with the spot coloring. While that’s mostly due to time, Baum used color in very specific ways (especially in the first book), and Denslow’s illustrations used a limited palette that appeals to me for this project…


  2. Looking wonderful, Dale! I like the shifts in style you are doing in your artwork for each of your recent storylines. It’s always fun to see a great cartoonist experiment with his work!


    • And acknowledging Mr. Baum is a classy touch!


    • Thanks; it feels like I don’t experiment as much as I should– I just find something that works for me that lets me stick to my deadlines. Hoping to do a little more along those lines this year, though, including something that should pop up in this very storyline…

      And of course Baum is due a tip of the hat! I’m just glad his Oz works were copyrighted by him, and not a corporate entity. That’s why there’ll never be a Watusi visit to Duckburg…


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