“Flight of fancy”

I don’t often do splash pages like this; especially with a week between episodes, they don’t give a lot of story content for the space they use. But since W.W. Denslow created such lovely plates for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, I wanted to include some in my Oz story, too … and in such a way that places them in the context of the story.

On another technical note, I’m switching to present tense with my writing here. I was trying to match Baum’s use of past tense, but I just didn’t like how it meshed with spoken dialog in a comic panel. For the writers out there, compare this week’s strip to this one and this one— which sounds better to your ears?


8 Comments to ““Flight of fancy””

  1. I love the Celtic-y “Oz” decorations in the four corners!


  2. Dale, I can’t tell for certain which sounds better to my ears. I think you were doing great with the past tense in your example strips…the first one (Hold on …) is kind of like there’s an introductory card for the scene and then it switches to live action. In the second one (Tempest), it’s like there’s a break in the action to do some exposition. I think they both work well, but you might be right. I can see how switching from past tense to dialogue could get messy. But I think you were doing a great job with it so far…


    • Thanks for the comments! I’ve never paid scrupulous attention to that kind of thing, so other eyes are really helpful. I think you’re right about past tense making sense in the first one (to set the scene), and that it’s okay to change things up now that the action is under way…


  3. Present tense is good for this type of an active story – I’ve used present tense in my writing. Have also seen people combine them in novels.


    • Thanks– I think I was too concerned with trying to match Baum’s tone, when to be successful with this I just need to catch the spirit of his work. Your “active story” comment is spot on, because that’s certainly what’s in store!

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