“I think I’m going to like it here!”

Sounds like Oz is Watusi’s kind of place! Maybe he won’t go back to Wonder Valley…


By the way, the above episode is a revised strip; it was originally published as this photo of the completely unedited drawing:

So, you may be asking “where’s the color?” “What’s up with this ‘new look’ Watusi?” Well, funny story…

You’ve probably heard about the storms that blew through Memphis last weekend; in my case they also blew down a tree in my neighborhood! While it missed my studio, and all the houses involved, it sheared off the utility pole that services my studio! So, I had to put this week’s strip together as best as I could without power and without most of my usual tools. It gives you a little behind-the-scenes peek at how I put a strip together, as this state is a fairly typical inked page before I do clean up in the production stage.

I once read that cartooning is “the best an artist can do on a deadline”– or in this case, under adverse conditions– and that’s never felt more true to me than this week! Here’s hoping that things will be back to normal in time for the next episode!


11 Comments to ““I think I’m going to like it here!””

  1. Nice to know you’re not perfect and have to correct drawing errors like the rest of us. Unless you were making them intentionally for this week’s strip to make us THINK you’re not perfect…


    • “Perfect?” That’s pretty funny, especially from my side of the drawing board, where the errors tend to stand out more than the drawings that work out right…


  2. Dale, glad it was only a utility pole that got whacked. And thanks for the dedication to get out your Watusi strip despite the hardships!


  3. So glad the storm missed your house! Will you “green this up” when power’s restored and you’ve got your tools back?


  4. I liked this “behind the scenes” look. As you know, the Payne’s are into black and white. Also happy you and your home weren’t hurt.


  5. Well, Watusi does like attention… This is a really great way to show what you’re doing.


  6. Proof that comics can be like the theater! Turmoil and setbacks be darned! The show must go on! Bravo, Dale!


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