“A flair for the dramatic”

I see now why they needed the sunglasses! More revelations to come…

I’ve been busy this week finishing up new issues of my Smeary Soapbox Press-ents minicomic series for debut at this Friday’s Memphis Zine Fest! Be sure to stop by and check out this free, all-ages celebration of local talent– bring some dollars, because there’s bound to be at least one zine you can’t go home without! In addition to my new comics, it will also feature the debut of brand new zines from creators at last weekend’s Public Zine Workshop and this week’s Youth Zine Workshop. It should be a blast!

10 Comments to ““A flair for the dramatic””

  1. Okay, the Green is REALLY LOUD!!!


  2. The Magistrate has a kind of tiki vibe going on…


  3. Zardoz!? How appropriate!


  4. Looks like the Magistrate took a page from the Wizard’s playbook! So should we not pay attention to the man or woman behind the curtain?


  5. now THAT’S an entrance! yeah!!!!!!!!


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