“Like a clown car, only fancier”

At last, the Magistrate is revealed!

(In other news, remember the time I had to post a plain drawing because my studio was shut down? Well, I’ve finally posted the completed & colored strip, if you want to take a look at it…)


7 thoughts on ““Like a clown car, only fancier”

    1. Just long enough, I guess! I’ve been happy with how this sequence has gone, even though that last panel felt a little cramped. Wanted to really highlight the start of the procession, though, and also wanted to fit the Magistrate in here, rather than put it off for another page…


    1. Funny you should say that; I think there’s a lot of similarity between Baum’s wild Oz residents (especially as the series went on) and Seuss’s drawings. It would have been really interesting to have seen a collaboration between them…

      Speaking of Seuss, if you ever find yourself in Chicago you should check out the Seuss Gallery in Water Tower Place– it has art from the books and so much more! It was serendipity to stumble into it, but it was a highlight of my recent Chicago trip.

      And speaking of Chicago, if you ever (again) find yourself there, be sure to take in the U-505 exhibit at the Museum of Science + Industry. Even though I was familiar with its story (which is a great story), that exhibit really brings it to life. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


  1. Great episode, Dale! Very well done all the way around…great layout, perfect timing and placement of the lions/tigers/bears pun. That took some planning, huh? I just LOVE all the greens. Your use of color in these Oz episodes is perfectly executed!


    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the pomp and circumstance of this sequence… I’m ready to get to the action! (Plus, working with the typeset parts can be a little challenging. But I like how it looks for this storyline.)

      And, even though it’s about 200 years after your period of nautical interest, I bet you’d really like the U-505 exhibit (see above), too…


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