“There’s a secret I’ve been waiting to tell you”

Looks like Minerva– and Watusi– doesn’t much cotton to that idea!


9 Comments to ““There’s a secret I’ve been waiting to tell you””

  1. Watusi’s trapped in the Flylight Zone.


  2. So now we’re seeing his true colors – the plot thickens!


  3. No, no, Magistrate, it’s not “Surrender Rock”, it’s “Surrender Dorothy”!

    The first three panels are excellente! Now’s that’s the way to reveal a villain!

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    • Oh, I’m so glad that worked. The Magistrate’s “slow clap” was always how I envisioned it in my mind, but I wasn’t sure how well it would translate to a soundless printed page…


  4. quick fly-tusi! grab minerva and fly her out of there!…(how many lbs could a flying dog lift i wonder?)…..b


  5. hmmmmm….flys are pretty fast…maybe he could rescue, return, and repeat??? 🙂


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