“Fast & furious”

Well, fast & furious for those involved, but still just weekly for the rest of us…


6 Comments to ““Fast & furious””

    • Thanks! I was hoping to find more races of Oz to use as the footsoldiers, but haven’t found any besides the Winkies & Hammerheads that fit the bill. Suggestions welcome….


  1. I can see it now– Watusi begins buzz-flying in circles to keep the hordes at bay, flying so fast that he is able to turn back time (a la Superman) to moments before they were set upon…. ???


    • While there are other time paradox stories in Watusi’s future(?), this isn’t one of them. Time will play a big part in the story yet to come, though!

      Besides, there are some other Baum-created characters I still plan to bring into this adventure…


  2. nice perspective and use of the green! eagerly awaiting what happens next!


    • Thanks! This one was fun to draw, though I may have let the color carry a little more of the drawing than usual. I wanted to really draw the attention to Watusi and Minerva, so I obscured everyone back on the dais. We’ll see more of them soon, though…


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