“The construction zone”

When I published the first Watusi Promo Sampler, this was one of the “best of strips” I included to show what was possible with that jam comic format; it dates from Watusi #6 (Oct. 2003). About the contributors: Tom Cherry is a cartoonist, a writer, an actor, the host for an old time radio show and even once judged a chili cook off ; Jack Bertram was an active member of the Small Press Syndicate during my time there, and you can sample his work here.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I want to take a moment to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all my readers– I’m truly grateful for all of you who take the time to check in on Watusi’s adventures every week. Knowing that you’re waiting for a new episode keeps me motivated to do my best each week (even if that means curating the best reprint episodes I can pick)!

(“Watusi in Oz” resumes Wednesday, January 3, 2018!)




5 thoughts on ““The construction zone”

    1. Hi praise! Although I imagine there’s a budding young artist who’ll squeeze me off of such prime gallery space before too long…


  1. I believe that was my second panel for a Watusi jam comic. I think the construction worker turned out fine, but my first depiction of Watusi leaves a lot to be desired! I think I can draw a fairly good Watusi nowadays and it just took years of practice to do it! Happy Thanksgiving, Dale!


    1. I’ve always liked how you draw Watusi, Tom! Although you did make him look less ugly here than I think he looks, I must admit…

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!


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