“The dream of Minerva (part 2)”

Is Minerva a prophetic dreamer? Is she just working out her waking problems while she sleeps? Find out more (but maybe not the answers to those questions) next episode…

4 Comments to ““The dream of Minerva (part 2)””

  1. Really loving the use of color! These colored Oz panels have been beautiful! Really cool story too…though I admit I was hoping Minerva was going to use her rock to turn Watusi into her armored jousting mount!


    • Watusi may be a little squat for a proper jousting mount. But getting him some armor might be a good idea!

      Glad you’re enjoying the color; I am, too. Not sure how much of it I will be able to bring to the print edition … though I plan to find out soon…


  2. Poor Watusi! I’m sure he had a bad tummy ache after that little snack!


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