“Close encounters of the third degree”



4 Comments to ““Close encounters of the third degree””

  1. I wondered what that sound was!! LOL


    • These are a group of Horners (from Baum’s The Patchwork Girl of Oz) working as some of the Magistrate’s foot(pun only partially intended)soldiers. I figured they’d use some stilt shoes to appear a little more intimidating … but it also tends to make them CLOMP about more than if they didn’t have them!


  2. I’ve been enjoying this trip to Oz. Also enjoyed your interview in the recent issue of “Copy This”. My only disappointment was that I was hoping the samples of your art would include the first appearance of Watusi. It’s always nice to see how certain characters developed. A pity you can’t make it to SPACE. Many folks bring their kids there, and so there is a market for your brand of all-ages-friendly comics.


    • Glad to hear the trip to Oz is remaining enjoyable. It’s been a lot of fun to play around with these pre-existing characters.

      It was a real honor to be the subject of a Copy This! interview (more on that here). And that issue actually did feature the first Watusi strip– it’s on page 34 (and here). Doesn’t look all that different from how the character looks now, though– Watusi did pretty much come out fully formed!

      I do intend to get back to SPACE some year, but the stars didn’t align for it this year– I’m taking part in two Memphis events that same weekend!


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