“The makeover”

I would have called this “Jack 2.0” … except he’s been through a lot more heads than just that one!


7 Comments to ““The makeover””

  1. He’s a regular Scott Weiland. But that was STP and not Smashing Pumpkins…

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  2. haha. pumpkin patch soul patch! that’s great!!!…….b


  3. Does that soul patch now make Jack the first Hipster of Oz?


    • That’s what I’m aiming for– I wonder if I can write a “new” character that still feels like Jack Pumpkinhead? Time will tell…


  4. Even with the soul patch, he looks a bit feminine with the “eyelashes” but love the expression.


    • I was trying to convey the depth of the carving, but I can see how those lines come off as eyelashes. Thanks for helping me see that in a different way!


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