“The wisest man in all of Oz”

At last! Let’s hope the Scarecrow is still as sharp as he was in Baum’s books, and can help Watusi and Minerva …


4 Comments to ““The wisest man in all of Oz””

  1. Has the Scarecrow gained a little weight over the years or is Foof hiding under his shirt?


    • You may not have personally experienced it, but many of us do as we age…

      So, no FooF, but I’ll address the Scarecrow’s new look at some point coming up, so stick around!


  2. I was thinking the same thing with his weight! I also like the large text starting the panel off. You really have a good way of changing the style of your stories panels….kudos!!…….billy


    • Thanks! The larger type is me thinking ahead (for a change), as those start off the new chapters. I have enough content for a second “Watusi in Oz” collection … but I need to finish the art for the bonus chapter first!


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