“Brilliant mistake”

More of the Scarecrow’s story to come…

5 Comments to ““Brilliant mistake””

  1. Is the last panel a little bit of an allegory or metaphor? Any way, really like this page.


    • A bit. This story actually started percolating years ago around a more Kansas-specific situation … but, sadly, it seems to be a more universal story than I expected!


  2. The plot thickens! This story has a lot of twists! Nice!!……billy


  3. Ah, the dangers of democracy! Good stuff, Dale! I really like the fourth panel. I hope Ozma plays a role in the story before everything is said and done!


    • Thanks! This page took a bit longer than usual, but I think the extra effort actually showed in the finished product (which is not always the case).

      And don’t fear; we should see more of Ozma before this story is all over with…


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