“A timely correction”

And don’t feel too bad about Tik-Tok … he’s been in a situation like this before!

4 Comments to ““A timely correction””

  1. Oooooooo, I can’t watch! 🙀


  2. WHEW!! A LOT has happened! I think I’m finally up to speed. Love the designs you’ve come up with for these Oz-ites. I was familiar with Tik-Tok but not Dr. Wogglebug. Kirby as a munchkin is great! Love the hat!


    • Glad you caught up, Mike! I actually haven’t redesigned the characters too much (aside from hipster Jack), but tried to stay true to Denslow & Neill’s designs. Hope to include a lot more Ozites in the next act, even just as background players…

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