“Storm front”

Well, somebody’s in a mood!

4 Comments to ““Storm front””

  1. So is it true? Are the twins the true puppet masters of Oz?


    • It is true, tho this turned out to be a heavy-handed way to reveal it. I feel the need to revise this scene for the print edition (& to post for my Patreon patrons) to give the Magistrate a little more of a role, given that we haven’t seen him much.

      And this is also where the germ of this whole Oz story idea came from, back from when I still lived in Kansas: politically-motivated brothers working behind the scenes to direct politicians to fulfill their own agenda. Hopefully Watusi can be more successful at derailing Itsch & Kitsch’s plans than anyone has been able to do with their real-world counterparts…


  2. Seeing the twins after the mirror lake sequence I was thinking… but no, they both button on the same side.


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