“The council assembles”

Boy, things have sure changed since I last wrote one of these blurbs! Hope you are all staying safe & adapting to the new new as best you can. Even though my day-to-day life as a cartoonist in the studio should be pretty much the same as before, the mood of the times is weighing on me (like with most of us), leaving me feeling scatterbrained & overwhelmed. Having my spring shows & upcoming release schedules thrown out the window hasn’t helped matters. Neither has the nagging question of how much this fanciful comic adventure really even matters in times like this. I can only hope it brightens your day in some way…

(As with the other double-page spreads in this story, this episode can be viewed at a larger size if you’re interested– just click on the image. Don’t worry, though– you’ll get a better look at this group in the episodes to come!)

8 Comments to ““The council assembles””

  1. Never think that your fanciful comic adventures don’t matter. Hard times have existed throughout history, and yet there is more to life than just survival. Expressing our dreams and fantasies give flavor to the lives we have.


  2. What “Kel” said!!! Your comics bring people happiness and help us forget the bad stuff in life…If only for a moment!….billy


  3. I totally agree with Kel and Billy! In good times and bad times, comics do matter! I know your work always matter to me, Dale, as entertainment and inspiration! Best to you and Wendy during these strange days!

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  4. We need comics . keep the faith baby. Spring is here… When in doubt ….garden.😄

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