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January 27, 2016

“A darker turn”


While I figure out what to do without a title character for this strip, I thought I’d throw a bone to those of you who’ve been reading since the beginning.

January 20, 2016

“Oh, I guess you can’t hear me…”



January 13, 2016

“Sounds simple enough”


Good thing Watusi’s eyes are protected– I bet there are probably some visual spectrum bursts in that barrage, too!

January 6, 2016

“Round two”


Professor Harvey may not have something else up his sleeve, but he’s probably got it in a box somewhere…

December 30, 2015

“Does wet dog count as a side effect?”


It’s a good thing you’re keeping your smugness to yourself this time, Watusi! You won’t want to start 2016 by being on the outs with your friends again…

And I wish a happy and healthy New Year to all of you, too!

December 23, 2015

“Deep breath”


So far so good … but is the test really over that easily?

For those celebrating, I wish you a very merry Christmas! For those not, happy day off!

December 16, 2015

“In you go!”


Maybe Watusi should be worried … the Professor seems a little too excited about this test!

December 9, 2015

“A good idea”


Well, I guess if Watusi still wants to make penance, that would be better than a fruit basket…

December 2, 2015

“Let bygones be bygones”


Looks like everything is right with Watusi’s world again! At least for now…

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November 25, 2015

“The inner sanctum”


I’ve been waiting a while to slip this into a story, and finally found the spot to do it! I always loved seeing breakaway schematics of the Baxter Building or Titans Tower worked into the story, and hope you enjoy it, too!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I want to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all my readers– I’m truly grateful for all of you who take the time to check in on Watusi’s adventures every week. Knowing that you’re waiting for a new episode keeps me motivated to do my best each week!