“A job well done”


And that brings this adventure of the Victorian Watusi to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this change of pace as much as I did writing and drawing it. I may well tell another story featuring the character at some point; I just need to figure out if it should be a sequel with Percy or I’d rather backtrack Flashman-style and feature his previous master…

But either way, next week it’s time to return to the present and see how Watusi’s friends in Wonder Valley are dealing with his passing…


“Comes a-crashing down!”


It looks like Percy owes Watusi a lifetime of walkies after this!

I’m glad that Anderson Catwell showed up again, too: I forgot to talk about the character when he appeared earlier in the story, and this is a perfect chance to rectify that oversight! Anderson Catwell was one of the Victorian detectives (along with Lane Brain, John Leesburg, and Daphne Knight) that appeared in two issues of Larned Justin’s 19th Century Detective about 10 years ago. He wrote and penciled the first issue with Tim Corrigan on inks and lettering, and did the whole shebang on the second. Those moody comics where quite a shift in tone for Larned, more known for his Mad magazine-like parodies, but I thought they were pretty successful. If you’d like to get a copy of those issues for yourself, contact Larned via his YouTube channel (he’s moved on from comics to focus on video pieces) or me, and I’ll forward your request along to him.

A big thank you to Larned for loaning me his character for this story. It certainly made it feel more truly Victorian (to me, if no one else) by his presence!